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Over 10% of accidents happen due to wheels either having a blowout or falling off whilst driving. Not to mention the number of accidents that could be avoided if tyres were correctly pressurised and the fuel efficiency-loss. Drivers are generally unaware that there is a problem with their tyres while driving. You can now monitor your tyre pressures and be alerted if your pressures are too high or too low. Our team of engineers are working on a solution that will even allow you to change your tyre pressures from your phone – keep an eye out on our developments for when this will be launched. Incorrect tyre pressure raises a great safety hazard for your family and others on the road. M-Pressure immediately notify you about the drastic changes in tyre pressure.


You can now level your caravan in minutes with the M-Level module. No need to rely on the old spirit levels and constantly checking the ‘bubble’ after every minor adjustment. M-Level has extreme accuracy to ensure you set up your caravan with ease and precision. In conjunction with the M-Weight module (to be released), you will also be able to ensure safe loading of your RV along with making sure you are compliant with all regulatory weights/loads. This can be operated whilst stationary for making minor adjustment or whilst in your car looking for that perfect spot to set camp.



Monitor the temperature in your caravan and get alerts if something is not right. Depending on where you store the sensor, you can customise the alerts to ensure temperature is maintained to your desire. In conjunction with the M- Home module (to be released) you will also be able to control the temperature of appliances such as fridges and climate control to maintain desired temperatures from the palm of your hand. Allowing you to focus on the journey and always arrive at your destination with that favourite cold beverage in your hand.


Have peace of mind knowing where your pride and joy is at all times with the M- Theft module. Incorporating the best features of the markets Anti-Theft systems, M-Theft within TrailSafe offers you the ability to know where your caravan is located along with setting up a ‘Virtual-Fence’ giving you a notification if your caravan is being moved from your marked location. You can now sleep safe, knowing your caravan is safe.
In activating the M-Theft features, users will also be given the opportunity to turn their RV into a Wi-Fi hotspot with the M-WiFi module. Now the family can stay connected without having to drain your phone battery by using it as a hotspot. Streaming movies, video calling family and friends, and sharing your experiences has never been easier.
To further sweeten the deal, activating M-Theft and/or M-WiFi, you will be able to remotely access and control your RV. With the integration of further interactive modules your pride and joy can be fully controlled from the palm of your hands. Keep an eye out on our developments for more.
*Note: This features is optional and will require a monthly subscription with no lock-in contract or minimum period



Cars are regularly serviced to ensure you don’t have any break-down on your commute. Your pride and joy needs the same love and attention that you give your car to ensure you have a safe and hassle-free journey. With the M-Odometer feature, you will be reminded when your trailer is due for a service, and give you an ability to lodge service tickets to ensure your warranty is upheld by manufacturers.

On the Horizon

Our engineers are committed to provide you with the ultimate travel experience with safety in mind. Look at what our engineers are working on next to ensure a safer, smoother caravanning experience… it will take some time but final result will be so worth it!

TrailSafe has been designed and engineered to be remotely updated, so new features don’t require a new M-Box! Once ready, just purchase the necessary hardware and simply integrate to your app



Monitor the weight distribution of your RV and ensure you are compliant to regulatory loads


Parking assist features make manoeuvring your trailer a dream – sensors, camera, rear cross traffic alerts, lane change assist, blind spot alerts


Control your appliances such as lights, air conditioning, climate control, plugs, to name a few from the palm of your hands


Got another idea which you would like to see implemented? Contact us for your suggestions and see it come to life

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We are currently taking pre-orders and pre-registration information for TrailSafe till it is retail ready for supply in June 2019. The current recommended retail price for Trailsafe is $995 inc. GST and Delivery.

Inclusions include:

M-Level (active)
M-Temperature (2 sensors)
M-Pressure (4 sensors)
M-Odometer (active)
M-Theft/M-WiFi/Remote Connectivity (inactive)

The app will be free to download with lifelong updates included. Payment options such as Afterpay will be available.
Secure your place to be the first to get your hands on TrailSafe with a $100 deposit. Contact Us to be the first to get your hands on TrailSafe.
OEMS, Caravan Manufacturers, and Dealers, please contact our sales team to get customised pricing and more information.

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