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Rules and Regulations

Regulations VSB01, ADR and State Rules

This is a guide for trailers up to a gross weight of 4.5 tonne. It is up to the trailer manufacturer to build their trailer to current regulations and manufacture it in a way that is safe for all of the community.

Basic things you need to know:

VSB01 – Vehicle Standards Bulletin
For the most up to date information, this is generally available through an internet search.

ADR – Australian Design Rules:

These are the rules manufacturers must adhere to. You need to make sure that you are not receiving a product that does not comply, in particular, when considering imported trailers. Lighting and couplings are the main offenders – make sure the trailer complies before purchasing.

The axle and springs can be hard to get as a spare for imported trailers. In the case of a breakdown, we can make a package to change over the trailer to the most common complying Australian axle, springs, coupling and taillight configurations.

Every state carries their own rules and regulations. Please contact the road authority in the appropriate state directly to obtain the most up to date information.

Below are some examples:

VIC Roads – Trailers under a certain size and weight do not have to be registered. VIC Roads recommends a trailer be registered in Victoria with them before traveling interstate, but it needs to be registered to travel interstate to comply with their state rules.

Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

Roads and Maritime Services

Department of Transport and Main Roads – Car and trailers over a combined total of 7.5 meters recommend signage – especially caravans.

Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure

Department of Transport Northern Territory

Department of Transport Western Australia